Reconvened Annual General Meeting

Annual Members’ Meeting (AGM)

NOTICE of RECONVENED MEETING TUESDAY 20th March 2018 7.00 – 8.30 pm
The Healthy Living Centre (Community Centre), Walton Court Shopping Centre, Hannon Road, Aylesbury, HP21 8TJ

Calling all members!

Insufficient members could get to last week’s Annual General Meeting because of the snow. The meeting was adjourned and will reconvene at 7 pm on Tuesday 20th March 2018. The agenda is the same as before (see below) but without the guest speakers, who cannot make the new date. We hope to see you there. Refreshments from 6.30pm as before.

1. Introductions and Welcome from Steve Eyre, Chair of Board

2/3. Formal opening and  Guest Speaker: Unfortunately neither can make it

4. Apologies for absence and approval of minutes of AGM held on March 27th, 2017.

5. Directors’ Report and Accounts 2016-17 from Chair, Steve Eyre and Treasurer, Gary Brant.

6. Approval of 2016-17 Report and Accounts.

7. Board recommendation for a dividend payment to members of 0.75% of average savings in 2016-17.

8. Rule 31 allows us to charge an annual fee of more than £5 to dormant members, with the agreement of the AGM. The Board proposes that, from 2019 until further notice, the fee should be £10. Dormant members are those with no savings or loan activity in the previous 12 months. We currently only make the charge for those with less than £100 in their account.

9. Report from Supervisory Committee.

10. Appointment of Auditors- Appleby & Wood.

11. Election of Officers.

11.1 Board: The following members continue as part of their three year term, with their year of election shown in brackets: (2016), Ian Pickering (2016); Charlie Robertson (2016); Phil Stratton (2017); Philip Turnbull (2017); and Philip Bruce (2017). Mark Richardson and Christine Mitchell have stood down as Board members due to pressure of work.

The following have been nominated by the Board for election this year: Steve Eyre (2015), who is standing for election for a further three year term and new Board member, Theresa Chambers.

11.2 Supervisory Committee:  Cholpon Djanuzakova (2016) continues as part of her three year term.  Alex Foreman-Peck (2015) is standing again for election and there remains one vacancy to be filled by co-option during the year. Louise Eldred has stood down as a member due to pressure of work.

11.3 Credit Committee: The Board intends to appoint one of its members to function as a one person Credit Committee and we are therefore not seeking nominations for election.

12. Close of meeting 8.30 pm

We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible!

Yours Sincerely,

Philip Turnbull
Swan Credit Union

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