Happy International Credit Union Day!

It’s International Credit Union Day! Today’s the day we celebrate the spirit of the global credit union movement. We also had another reason to celebrate; it was the 70th Anniversary of ICU day! This year, we thought of a great way to celebrate the good that credit unions around the world are doing; by hearing what our members have to say (yes, you). We asked you to send in some stories of how the credit union has helped you. From the responses, we’ve picked a few of our favourites:

“It has really helped me manage my finances. My husband had left me and I was in a real pickle with my finances as he had left me with all the bills. My own bank was charging me 50% interest on loans and I felt as if I was drowning. I read about the credit union online and went along to Stantonbury where they used to have a session on a Saturday and joined. Since then I have had several loans and of course, continued saving a small amount of money while I repaid my loans. The credit union were more flexible than the bank and were able to agree payments I could afford comfortably. I never had any savings for many years and suddenly I had some savings, my debt was being repaid and my situation was improving. I tell everyone about the credit union. Now I’m in a situation where I have paid off my loan but I will continue to save and have the occasional loan for specific things. I also told my Daughter to start saving with the credit union as it is also an ethical way to save money.”

“Joining Credit Union has been the best thing I have ever done. I have benefited at first, from the Child Benefit Loan in time of need when I didn’t know who to turn to and avoiding to turn to high-interest rate loan companies. It is very easy and I would advise anybody in difficulty to think about this option. The repayments are minimal and automatic from your child benefit payment. After the Loan I started saving and I must say, has been handy when having to service the car. All the staff is helpful and very responsive to emails. Definitely recommend.”

“The credit union has helped me massively. Since opening my account i have managed to save nearly 500 and I have been able to place a deposit on a place of my own for private renting as I was sofa surfing before due to not having funds for a deposit. The Employee payroll deduction service is amazing.”

“Really helped me to manage my money and enables me to save towards Christmas”

“The credit union has been my blanket during the hardest and happiest time of our lives. It’s been helping my family when we need an emergency fund to send to my family in the Philippines. Also, it’s been hard being away from my family but fortunately, I’ve had an opportunity to visit them as I was able to borrow a holiday money to be able to go home. The credit union has been my bridge to my family such that living away from them becomes bearable as the union never lets me down.”

“I ‘benevolently’ thought I’d put money into the Credit Union as it is such a brilliant way to help people succeed. Little did I realise how useful it was when I had got carried away with my own spending and it was waiting there for me to use. I So far haven’t needed the lending capacity but feel confident that should I it would be simple and beneficial. Thank you.” 

“Dealing with them has always been seamless, they are efficient and incredibly helpful. After a very stressful move, I applied for a re-loan and from start to finish less than 24 hours flawless” 

“I have had two loans with Credit Union. My last loan was for my garden fence and in both cases, they were very quick in delivering the loan. The interest rate was reasonable and they gave me the opportunity to repay my loan without penalty. In addition to this, I found that staff members were really professional and helpful…Fantastic human beings…Thank you for reinforcing my faith in humanity.”

“Swanhase been absolutely vital in ensuring I am able to balance my budget while also saving at the same time as any borrowing. My medium term credit history is not stellar and I know I would not be able to borrow what I need from a high street lender. But swan have always been there to help with a sympathetic and understanding approach, lending with compassion that has made all the difference. I am truly grateful and with deduction at source means I know I will never miss a payment. Thank you Swan for being there and making a large difference for me.”

“I have been delighted with the service I have received. It’s a good savings plan and opens up avenues for small borrowings when needed. Customer service is excellent also.”

Hearing stories like this remind us of why we do what we do. Whether you just joined or have been with us from the beginning, thank you for being a member of SwanCredit Union. Here’s to another 70 years!

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